kyo kusanagi doesnt know how to read



imagewho wants to join me in this orgy of corpses that kinda all look like the feels guy


feel orb

feel orb

feel orb

"feel orb"

i think you mean granfeeloon

Movere Crus
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Movere Crus
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Member: デルタ
its all good

its all good

this game plays as weird as i thought it would

wackyschicken replied to your photo: “being able to emulate this with nulldc now is pretty neat”:
It’s been perfect on PCSX2 for awhile now. Unless of course this has netplay like ggxxac than thats p kool

my net’s too bad to netplay either but nulldc does have netplay and its far less resource heavy than ps2 emulation, also this is the arcade rom as opposed to the console port

chipslight replied to your post: being able to emulate this with nulldc…

Could you explain how to do it ? I want to test the game.


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being able to emulate this with nulldc now is pretty neat

Manabu Namiki - Degeneracy (Stage 4 - Plant)
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this whole soundtrack

so good